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This website exists to help you have a great life.

On these pages we invite you to explore the teaching of Jesus on how you can have a full and happy life.

You will also discover how the teaching of Jesus compleately redifined the purpose and practice of religion.



Jesus most important teaching.

The teaching of Jesus opens the human mind to the wonder of God, and Gods beautiful design for all humanity.

Jesus tells us that our minds have been designged by God to know the wonderful nature of all living things.

Teachers voice , Jesus teaching

On this site you will hear the voices of trusted teachers. Each of them will, share how the teaching of Jesus is still wonderfully relevent, and how it helps us create a kinder friendlier society.

Click on our resource button at the top of the page for a list of talks on CDs and MP3s that will help you think of life in a whole new way

To hear a sample of the David Wells      talk  from 2019 Celebrate St Albans      click here