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Hugh Osgood : Moderator of The Free Churches in the UK.

Hugh is the moderator of the Free Church’s Group in the UK , He is also one of the presidents of Church’s Together.  Together with  Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols, he is one of the leaders praying for ways we can work together, for the spread of the good news of Gods love for all humanity.

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Last Months Teaching : Bringing Gods Consolation to a weary World.

Fr Ronald Rolheiser is a member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio Texas.   He is a community builder, lecturer and writer.   His books are popular throughout the English speaking world and his weekly column is carried by 80 newspapers worldwide

  1. Bringing God’s Consolation to a Weary World
  2. Keeping a Mellow Heart in a Bitter Time

We live in bitter times.   Families, communities, churches and nations are torn, divided polarized and wounded.   When the air we breathe is bitter, it is easy to grow bitter ourselves.   When everything around us seems hard and self-protective, it is easy to grow hard and self-protective ourselves.   How do we keep a mellow heart in a bitter time?   How do we not give back in kind?   How do we transform negative energy so as not to transmit it.

Other Titles by this auther

Naming our Moment Biblically

Vatican 2 paved the way for a deeper understanding between the Christians.   A deeper appreciation of how much similarity there is in our understanding of the teaching of Jesus, and of the centrality of prayer in the life of Jesus,

Father Ron helps us to go deeper, and find the norishment Jesus found in Scripture and Prayer.

1: Naming our moment Biblically
2: To ponder in the Biblical Sence
3: Radical Discipleship snd Priestly Prayer

How to Clearly Hear the voice of God

1: How to hear Gods voice with clarity

2: Hearing the voice of God in mysticism and sacrament

3: The struggle to proclaim Gods voice with clarity to our culture and our families.