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Golden Jubilee Celebration

A fantastic day of praise and teaching to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. 1500 people, from all over the UK and Ireland,
We came to thank God for the gift we call Catholic Charismatic Renewal.
Together we remembered that millions of lives have been transformed in the last 50 years. This was a wonderful experience of faith and fellowship.


Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Taste and See that the Lord is Good (A series of guided meditations)

Discover Jesus teaching on inner freedom and happiness.  

Jesus teaching on inner freedom and happiness,is so beautiful and wise.   He shares with us that a peaceful and compassionate life, is the fruit of a peaceful and compassionate mind.   He teaches us how to allow the inner movement from Fear to Faith and from Worry to Wonder 

Reflection 1: Build a solid foundation daily.  listen to a sample.

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