Centering Prayer and the Road to Non - Dual Awakening

Cynthia gave this talk in November 2016

In this talk she looks at Christian expressions of Non Dual spirituality.


Living Compassion

In this evening seminar. Robert explored the " Revelations of Divine Love " of the 14th mystic, Julia of Norwich, as a text that invites us to share in Gods life of compassion, open to God ourselves and one another.

Special attention will be given to the role of meditation in identifying and resolving blocks to compassion.

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Increase our Compassion

Robert Fruehwirth has reflected, meditated, and spoken on Julian for more than 25 years, first as a monk in the Order of Julian of Norwich, then in the person-centered counselling post-graduate programme at the University of East Anglia (UEA)

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Going to the Heart of the Matter: Must all religious people now be mystics

."We have arrived at an ‘Eastern’ moment in the West, and as an alternative to allowing our traditions to fall apart we might consider cultivating a new interiority in religious faith. "That is what the trend toward Christian meditation is pointing to, and I wish to explore this topic in these five talks."

1.The future of Faith and a Spiritual Memoir.                                                         

2. How and why we are becoming more Spiritual

David Tacey

Dadirri: The Aborigional gift of Contemplation

“Indigenous Spirituality and its Transformative Impact”

David Tacey
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