2015: Turning to Thomas Merton as our guide in Contemplative Living

This is the one hundred year anniversary
of the birth of the world-renowned Christian monk and author Thomas Merton. In this retreat James Finley, who spent nearly six years with Merton at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, will help us explore Merton’s trustworthy guidance
in the gentle art of contemplative living. Time will be given for brief periods of silent meditation and discussion of the themes presented.


2015: Childlike Acceptance as a Path to Inner Peace and Union with God

In this evening gathering James Finley will helped us to discover that such a little thing as being struck by how trusting and accepting small children tend to be, can help us to experience God’s presence in our life. A simple method of meditation and other spiritual practices will be explored that can help us to stabilize in the gentle art of childlike acceptance in the face of all that life might send our way. Passages from scripture and from the Christian mystics that offer guidance in the ancient wisdom of childlike acceptance will be explored.


Proclaim 15

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Keynote 1: Bishop Mark O'Toole and Archbishop Bernard Longley  Introduction.

Keynote 2: Rev Nicky Gumbel- Alpha. 

2015: Transforming Trauma: Exploring the Healing power of Spirituality

A one day retreat devoted to exploring the healing power of spirituality. The day’s reflections will focus on seven traumas or wounds to which we are all subject as human beings and then go to explore methods of meditation and other steps we can take to help ourselves and others heal from each of these seven wounds. The emphasis will be on the lifelong process of learning to be a healing presence in the midst of the world. Time will be given for brief periods of silent group meditation and discussion of the themes presented.

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