Workshop 5: Testimony, Led by Fiona Mansford

Sharing Testimonies

This 'Proclaim '15' workshop is led by Fiona Mansford, the National Director of Pure in Heart UK. It looks at the importance of being able to share your faith testimony in a one-to-one evangelisation situation.


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Workshop 4: Lapsed,Led by Father Joe Wheat and Julia Palmer

Reaching Non-Churchgoing Catholics

This 'Proclaim '15' workshop is led by Julia Palmer, Director of Adult Formation for the Nottingham Diocese, and Fr Joe Wheat who works closely with the diocese's Adult Formation department. It looks at how we can best reach out to non-churchgoing Catholics.



Workshop 3: Team Led by Father Paul Cannon and Sharon Beech

Forming a parish evangelisation team

This 'Proclaim '15' workshop is led by Fr Paul Cannon, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation for the Salford Diocese, and Sharon Beech, Project Development Co-ordinator for Salford's Department for Evangelisation. This informative workshop looks at how to form a parish evangelisation team.



Workshop 2: Vision Led by Anne-Marie Salgo.

Creating a vision and strategy for parish evangelisation

In this 'Proclaim '15' workshop, led by Anne-Marie Salgo, the coordinator of evangelisation ministries in the West End of London, we're looking at the importance of having a clear vision and strategy for your parish evangelisation


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Workshop 1: Prayer: Led by Bishop Alan Williams

Making prayer the foundation of your missionary parish

In this 'Proclaim '15' workshop, led by the Bishop of Brentwood, the Rt Rev Alan Williams, we're exploring how prayer can be the foundation of your missionary parish.


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Contemplatives and Mystics as Prophets and Visionaries

These are the recordings from the evening led by Cynthia Bourgeault


Cynthia shres how contemplatives,because of non dual thinking,can see a future filled with hope and possibility.

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Harnessing the Power of Love

These are the recordings from the 1 day conference led by Cynthia Bourgeault

The conference was called Harnessing the Power of Love, Unveiling the new breed of Trinity.

Cynthia shared the latest thinking on the wonderful mystery we call the Trinity. 
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Nicky Gumbel

Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) and Alpha pioneer
Nicky is Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in London, since 2005, and the pioneer of Alpha, a 15-session introduction to the Christian faith now running all over the world.


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Proclaim 15 : Bishop Mark O' Toole and Archbishop Bernard Longley

Proclaim '15 conference host bishop, Archbishop Bernard Longley, welcomed delegates to the major evangelisation event in Birmingham on Saturday 11 July, and urged them to help a Western world that has become "unused to the sound of God's voice calling us to repentance and renewal. Archbishop Longley looked at two key elements of good discipleship - dialogue and outreach.

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