For Just such a Time as This

Davis helps us understand the message behind the book of Esther, and its relevance for us today.


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" Where the Hell is God " Father Richard Leonard

In this teaching, Australian Jesuit, Richard Leonard looks at how we understand the presence of God in our lives when we are faced with suffering. Using his own experience of a family tragedy, Fr Richard speaks about his personal response when he is tempted to ask: ‘Where the hell is God?’

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" Keeping Sunday " Canon Joseph Smith

Delegates nominated from across the Archdiocese of Liverpool met on Saturday 24 November, for the Liverpool Archdiocesan Assembly. The gathering took place at the Centre for Evangelisation and had the theme ‘Keeping Sunday’ The delegates looked at the ways in which, with the pressures of 21st century life, people are keeping the Lord’s Day.

Archbishop Patrick Kelly says: ‘I have asked our Assembly this year to reflect on how we, as a Catholic community, are living the commandment to ‘remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.’

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Celebrate Macclesfield 2012 Dennis Wrigley

Dennis Wrigley. Dennis is the founder of the Maranatha community in Manchester. Part of the work of the Community is to dialogue with Parliament, trying always to bring the Christian vision of a healthy and happy community without blame or condemnation. On Sunday Morning Dennis gave a wonderful talk, telling of how when people, not on only pray for miracle's but expect miracles, that the miracles happened. He shared two current examples


Celebrate Macclesfield 2012 Father Simon Penhaligan

Father Simon Penhaligan gave the talk on Saturday Evening. His talk included his personal story shareing how he found purpose and meaning for his life. And then, from the wisdom of fathers and mothers of the Church shows how the daily process of personal prayer and formation can help keep us clear and focused on the path of personal maturity and development. Father Simon emphasized the centrality of love in the Christian way of life.


Celebrate Macclesfield 2012 David Wells

David Wells gave the first talk on Saturday morning. David, an excellent catechist, with great humor and deep wisdom helped us remember that the theme of the weekend, “The Highway of Holiness” can be seen as a process of personal growth and development, the process of becoming like Jesus.


Celebrate Torquay 2012

Emily Duffy gave a wonderful talk on how we can bring holiness into our everyday life, using the teaching of Brother Lawrence and Saint Teresa of Lisieux. If you have ever wondered how to bring real holiness into real life this talk will be a real help.

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