2015: Childlike Acceptance as a Path to Inner Peace and Union with God

In this evening gathering James Finley will helped us to discover that such a little thing as being struck by how trusting and accepting small children tend to be, can help us to experience God’s presence in our life. A simple method of meditation and other spiritual practices will be explored that can help us to stabilize in the gentle art of childlike acceptance in the face of all that life might send our way. Passages from scripture and from the Christian mystics that offer guidance in the ancient wisdom of childlike acceptance will be explored. Time will be given to discuss the practical challenges and unexpected graces that we often encounter in the lifelong process of learning to accept, as a small child accepts, that God is closer to us that we could ever imagine. Learning to listen, acts of compassion and other equally intimate and simple ways to experience God’s presence will be touched on as well.


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