Rebuild my Church

These are the recordings, by Cynthia, from the 2012 Rebuild my Church Conference in Assisi.

At this conference, along with Richard Rohr, Cynthia lays out her vision, of how the spirit of God, is inspiring change in the Christian Church in the 3 Millenium.                                                            
Talk 1: Rebuild my Church.

Talk 2: Francis and Clare

Talk 3: The Way of Conscious Love Part 1.

Talk 4: The Way of Conscious Love Part 2

Talk 5: Why are we here- What Assisi has to teach us.

Talk 6: Fire and Rose are One

Talk 7: Mystics and Contemplatives as Prophets and Visionaries

Because not many could travel to Assisi to hear this very important teaching
Agape were asked to record Cynthia,s teachings and make them available to a much wider audience. Please feel free to phone Archie if you want any further information on these recordings or any of Cynthia's teachings.

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7 CDs £30.00

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